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AML Frequently Asked Questions

  • A Sophisticated Investor, or Wholesale Investor, as defined in Section 761G & 761GA of the Corporations Act, is someone who meets the eligibility criteria requiring a qualified accountant’s certificate that is no more than two (2) years old, confirming that you have either: – Net assets of at least $2,500,000 – Gross income of at least $250,000 for each of the last two (2) financial years.
  • Traditional banks often undergo regulatory changes which result in stringent lending criteria for the customer, as well as hidden associated costs and rigid terms. AML considers the entire financial scope of the applicant while performing a risk assessment. This prompt service and flexibility are two advantages of choosing AML over a private loan.
  • Private mortgage loans only. AML performs thorough financial and risk assessments of each applicant before accepting or declining. AML only lends to applicants who prove their reliability and security, and we’re protective of our exceptional reputation as trusted mortgage lending brokers.

  • AML facilitates the lending and investing in mortgages, so our intentions align with our company goals – as a business, we cannot continue to operate unless our investors are receiving payment. Therefore, our intentions are to ensure that each of our lending applicants are thoroughly assessed and are able to meet our stringent criteria, so that our sophisticated investors can continue to invest with peace of mind. Sophisticated investors only

  • Investment opportunities can be received in an Information Memorandum by hard-copy in the mail. This IM will include latest mortgage opportunities with industry details such as rates on investment and LVR’s (loan to value ratio) on loans. Alternately, you can call our team to discuss the options available.

  • AML does not provide financial advice – we strongly suggest that you seek out your own independent legal advice or communicate with your legal advisor to discuss the investment opportunities that you may be interested in, and to ensure that they’re right for you.

  • AML provides both a Dispute Resolution Process, as well as maintaining a membership with the Financial Service Ombudsman. Any issues that may arise can be resolved using one of these two channels.

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